The Overall Valuation of a Company 7-13-15

The Overall Valuation of a Company The measurement of a company’s value is often readily associated with the day-to-day operations and key financial ratios related to output of goods and services; a business owner may consider valuation from a larger scale or as factors of his balance sheet accounts, but often not as frequently as […]

The Matching Principle 7-6-15

For many businesses, transactions are considered recognized when cash is paid, such as when a check is sent to pay the utility bill. The cash method of accounting recognizes expenses when cash is paid, regardless of when the expense was incurred; conversely, the accrual method of accounting calls for expenses to be recorded during the […]

Keys to a Personal SWOT Analysis

Keys to a Personal SWOT Analysis You can make the best of who you are in order to achieve your desired business goals and objectives. But first you need to truly understand who you are through a crucial self-assessment. A personal SWOT analysis will reveal your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities you can take advantage of, and […]

QuickBooks Online- Top Five Features

QuickBooks Online – Top Five Features Since its release in 2001, QuickBooks Online has developed the reputation of being Intuit’s popular cloud accounting software for small businesses, individuals and accountants. This software’s popularity derives partly from the ease with which its cloud accounting functions can be adapted to the accounting needs of individual organizations. Such […]