Five QuickBooks Apps to Benefit Small Businesses 7-18-16

Five QuickBooks Apps to Benefit Small Businesses

QuickBooks accounting software packages are usable with apps that are accessible via mobile devices and computer systems with Internet connections.  Intuit and its independent collaborators developed these apps for use in the small businesses that constitute QuickBooks’ target market.  QuickBooks apps expedite the processing of QuickBooks accounting data and thereby save time and money for the respective small businesses. The following paragraphs identify five QuickBooks apps that benefit small businesses.

  1. Transaction Pro Importer

Transaction Pro Importer is a QuickBooks app that benefits small businesses because it simplifies the process by which lists and transactions are imported from text and Microsoft Excel files.  This benefit derives from the field mapping, data editing, data validation and import log features of Transaction Pro Importer.  Transaction Pro Importer equips its QuickBooks users to define and save their own field mapping whilst they dispense with cumbersome import templates.

  1. Concur Expense Reporting for Small Business

Concur Expense Reporting for Small Business is a QuickBooks app that benefits small businesses because it facilitates the reimbursement of expenses.  Additionally, it automatically imports credit card fees and receives QuickBooks transaction data.  It benefits small businesses because it

  • is compatible with popular mobile telephones,
  • records receipts electronically and
  • is a travel and expense management tool when it is used with gratis Tripit Pro accounts.

This app synchronizes small business travel expenses with QuickBooks, ensuring that receipts are recorded and travelling officers are reimbursed.

  1. Method CRM

Method CRM is a customer relationship management app developed exclusively for use with QuickBooks.  Method CRM is beneficial to small businesses because it optimizes these organizations’ management of their customers’ affairs.  It does this because

  • it is easily customizable to the needs of small businesses,
  • it has self-serve portals that provide up-to-date information concerning the businesses and their customers,
  • its records are synchronized with the related QuickBooks records,
  • it creates customer leads for the businesses whenever potential customers access the businesses’ websites, and
  • it enables sales personnel to convert more customer enquiries into sales.
  1. eCC Cloud

eCC Cloud is a QuickBooks app that is particularly beneficial to small businesses that operate online stores and want to be in command of their accounting and e-commerce activities.  By synchronizing the small businesses’ QuickBooks records with transactions of the businesses’ online stores, eCC Cloud facilitates real-time accounting for sales, products and customers.  Owing to its compatibility with national and international e-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay, eCC Cloud benefits small businesses by increasing their online sales.

  1. SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is a QuickBooks app that benefits small businesses by enhancing their management of their manufacturing activities, inventories and orders.  Benefits derive from the app’s capability to

  • make small businesses account for items assembled from components,
  • update inventories of raw materials and finished goods, even in multiple locations,
  • integrate logistical processes for deliveries to customers,
  • provide order management data that QuickBooks Online cannot provide and
  • track individual inventory items.