QuickBooks® Features You May Have Forgotten 3-7-16

QuickBooks® Features You May Have Forgotten

Did you know that more than 4.5 million companies currently use QuickBooks®? With its ever expanding abilities and enhancements along with the online version and the “cloud” it will soon become the most widely used accounting software around the globe. But for those of you who have been using it for some time do you know if you’re utilizing some of its capital features? Below is a list of three pretty cool features you might be unaware of or under-utilizing.

  1. Multiple Report Processing:

Preparing reports can be a time consuming task depending on the size of the company you have

and if you need reports daily, weekly, monthly, semi- annually and annually. With multiple

reports processing, QuickBooks® allows you to group together numerous reports (using the

“memorize” function) and print them in a single step. The tool is accessed by going to the

Reports menu, Process Multiple Reports. Be sure to include the recipient’s name in the report

title to ensure distribution and if you re-sort in the Memorize Reports window the reports will

print in collated order.

  1. Batch Invoicing:

This is a feature for QuickBooks® versions 2011 and higher. This is a fantastic feature if your

company invoices a large number of customers each month for the same fee. So say you are an

internet hosting provider and you have 150 customers who have your basic service plan for

$25.00 a month, you can invoice all 150 customers in one step. There is also a custom data field

so you could set it for your basic customers and high speed customers all in one step saving your

bookkeeper loads of time and effort. The tool is accessed by going to the Customers menu and

selecting Create Batch Invoices.

  1. Prevent Prior Period Changes:

We’ve all “accidentally” entered or edited transactions in prior periods if you catch the mistake

quickly and correct it great, but if you don’t this can be a nightmare for your accountant. To

prevent this from occurring QuickBooks® has a great feature to protect you and other users from

making “accidental” Prior Period Changes. How it works is you assign an exclusive username

and password for each user then set preferences to prohibit them from bypassing the closing

date. So each month as review and adjustment are completed you can move forward the

password protected closing date. The tool is accessed by going to Company menu, Set Closing


These are just a few of the really great time and money saving features of QuickBooks®. If you

want to learn more about how to get the most out of your QuickBooks® product contact us today

and let our QuickBooks® ProAdvisors show you how.