Keys to a Personal SWOT Analysis

Keys to a Personal SWOT Analysis

You can make the best of who you are in order to achieve your desired business goals and objectives. But first you need to truly understand who you are through a crucial self-assessment.

A personal SWOT analysis will reveal your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities you can take advantage of, and threats that could be obstacles as you try to achieve your goals. As the name implies, SWOT analysis is an evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a person, business or situation.

The relevance of a personal SWOT analysis is to reinforce the ascertained strengths, curtail identified weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities before they elapse, and establish contingency plans to ease off threats before they occur.

Personal SWOT Analysis

The following are the keys to a personal SWOT analysis:


You need to ask yourself some very personal questions and come up with realistic answers in order to identify your strengths. Some strength is absolutely easy to identify, while others are often taken for granted because they are readily available.

Consider the things you can do easily and better than others. It could be your attitude, personality or skills. Your strength could be a talent, resources, an acquired knowledge or an area of expertise. It could be invisible to anyone else except you. You need to find it, what makes you distinct and puts you ahead.


Weaknesses may be easier to identify if you consider them as limitations. Identifying your weaknesses is the first major step to a goal oriented lifestyle. It’s almost impossible for anyone to have all of the best qualities, and skills required in every facet of human endeavors.
Find out what makes you less competitive, what you need to work on in order to improve. What are the resources, materials or things you are lacking? What’s stopping you from been at the top of your league? The answers could be your limitations.


You need to look beyond yourself, consider the situations around you, and identify opportunities. What are the things you can learn, do, or let go of, for you to be a better person? What situation can you take advantage of or what chances do you need to take in order to move ahead. Opportunities exist almost everywhere, identify them and take advantage of them.


What are those factors or situations that are beyond your control, and can influence or affect you unfavorably? Those are your threats. What are those things that could stop you from achieving your desired goals? What are the challenges you’re facing that are limiting your efforts? The answers are your threats.
SWOT is one of the most effective formulas for a personal reality check. A personal SWOT analysis will help you understand who you are, what you can do, and ultimately all the things you’re not, and cannot do, all in the face of threats and opportunities. Now you should know what to work on in order to be at the top of your league!